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Reported issues: 68


12:07 PM Weave Wiki edit: Connection_through_National_Neighborhood_Indicators_Project (#61)


05:08 PM Weave Feature #1351: Add an easy way to set data value replacement labels (Y/N -> Yes/No)
I agree with Rebecca that this is important for our users that are trying to learn to make more advanced visualizatio...


04:35 PM Weave Feature #1260 (Open): Attribute selector: filter the list of attributes by metadata (examples: ke...
Once a key type is selected from the Attribute Selector, filter to only show matching values for other options (x/y a...


09:45 AM Weave Feature #1224 (Resolved): automatically save metadata changes
I would like any changes I make to the metadata in the Admin Console to be automatically saved, instead of having to ...


01:13 PM Weave Feature #521: Append data to an existing table
Here is an example
Database table for school enrollment:
city | year | total enrollment | grade1 | grade 2 ...


10:21 AM Weave Wiki edit: OIC_Member_Training_Materials (#16)


10:02 AM Weave Feature #521: Append data to an existing table
I'm not sure i understand. I need a practical example.
I have a table with the years in a column, I would append t...


10:13 AM Weave Feature #1084: Load my data - not working with Map Tool
Are you refering to the combo box in the "Add New Data Source" tool?
If yes, then that leads into issue #1150.


02:05 PM Weave Feature #1150 (Open): Add New Data Source - allow admin to specify keyType "aliases" (alternate u...
I would like to be able to specify the list of keytypes that a user can pick from to load data.
It would be a list s...
01:33 PM Weave Bug #1149 (Resolved): Scrollbars should appear in the "Add New Data Source" window when it's too ...
On the MetroBoston DataCommon the Add New Data Source window displays very small and does not show all the necessary ...

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