Franck Kamayou



Reported issues: 7


05:16 PM Analyst Workstation Feature #1474 (Open): The metadata tab should present default option for the user to choose from ...
When adding a new metadata properties, The user should be presented with a dropdown to choose from: "columnType, varT...
05:07 PM Analyst Workstation Bug #1473 (Open): Use Dynatree for displaying list of projects in Projects tab.
The dynatree will have a list of users as main folders,
and each folder will have a collection of query objects.


12:16 PM Analyst Workstation Feature #1469 (Resolved): Link filtering interface to query object
The filtering interface needs to be linked to the queryObject
each panel should be an element in the filter array.


08:00 AM Analyst Workstation Feature #1450 (Resolved): re design the scripts tab
Redesigned script metadata,
ability to edit current scripts, metadata, add new scripts and delete existing scripts.


12:16 PM Analyst Workstation Feature #1462 (Resolved): List columns without metadata
Data tables without metadata should be expandable in the Script Metadata tab.
12:09 PM Analyst Workstation Feature #1461 (Resolved): Add error Log and progress bar for importing Metadata for the data tables.
There should be a progress bar indicating the progress of the upload as well as a error log window to report errors.


10:19 AM Analyst Workstation Feature #1456: keytype and keyColumn for DataSources
key column name for the csv data source is now set just above the color column.. defaults to tips
key type checkbox ...
10:18 AM Analyst Workstation Feature #1456 (Resolved): keytype and keyColumn for DataSources


05:15 PM Analyst Workstation Feature #1454 (Resolved): Ui for error bars in bar chart vizz widget
UI now present in WeaveAnalyst and linked to weave.


12:25 PM Analyst Workstation Feature #1386 (Resolved): AWS: Include version release date/time on User Interface
Version will now show on the top of the Weave Analyst

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