Weave and the Open Data movement

The Open Data Movement: Background

McKinsey Report: $3-5 trillion in value in Open Data! Article on McKinsey report here: http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/business_technology/open_data_unlocking_innovation_and_performance_with_liquid_information

Role of Data Intermediaries in Open Data Work

Good post from Steve Spiker in Oakland on this - Already Beyond The Data Portal: http://stevespiker.com/post/78147327471/already-beyond-the-data-portal

Open Data Repository Software

Two leading competing platforms for Open Data Projects are:

CKAN - Open Source alternative

Developed under the guidance of the Open Knowledge Foundation http://okfn.org/

CKAN site: http://ckan.org/

Examples - HealthData.gov,the federal Health data website http://healthdata.gov/

Socrata - Proprietary platform

Socrata site http://www.socrata.com/

Open Data Field Guide from Socrata : http://www.socrata.com/open-data-field-guide/

Weave and Open Data

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