Weave Analyst

What is Weave Analyst?

WeaveAnalyst is a computational support engine that allows you to easily access data, whether small or large, for analysis. It does this by creating visualizations from the results of data analysis that are interactive outputs (graphs, charts, and information maps) for easy comprehension.

What does Weave Analyst do?

Whether you want to explore data for patterns and trends, build a small data model, or simply present information in a format that can be visually represented, WeaveAnalyst allows you to mine that data by providing access to commercial and open source computational systems such as R, SAS, and Stata.

Through WeaveAnalyst, scripts are run to identify which pieces of information within the database will be retrieved, analyzed, and determine how the results should be displayed. WeaveAnalyst uses specified metadata and builds user interface widgets that allow the user to specify exactly how he or she wants that data to be accessed, analyzed, and displayed for your audience.

Why use Weave Analyst?

  • Solve complex and big data problems in a variety of application areas
  • Explore local, remote, or distributed data and share the results
  • Discover patterns, trends, and anomalies through the analysis process

Installation Requirements

Prior to installing WeaveAnalyst, your system must already have the following programs:

Note: Although not mandatory, WeaveAnalyst recommends that you use Tomcat and MySQL for your installation.

Installing Weave Analyst on your system

WeaveAnalyst can be installed two different ways described below.

Manually Installing Weave Analyst on Windows

  1. Select one of the binary downloads listed below
  2. Open the downloaded zip file with your systems default zip extractor
  3. Open the folder inside of the zip file until you see these files
    • ROOT
    • README.txt
    • WeaveServices.war
  4. Copy these files to your application server's webapps directory
    • If you are using Tomcat the common path can be found here:
      • Windows: C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat/webapps/

Installing Weave Analyst using the Weave Server Assistant

  1. Follow the Download and Install procedure for setting up the Weave Server Assistant

Using WeaveAnalyst

General Weave Analyst Usage Playlist

{{iframe(https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PL2rBDTrpLYYduRjFvSzA9Q9IsadYcYuWP, 640, 400, no)}}

Analyzing Local Crime Data

{{iframe(https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/5U1BwUlA6iw?rel=0&showinfo=0, 640, 400, no)}}

Analyzing Survey Data with Filters

{{iframe(https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/xTCX5Btsmso?rel=0&showinfo=0, 640, 400, no)}}

Nested Geographies

{{iframe(https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/f_BTU4UYAOk?rel=0&showinfo=0, 640, 400, no)}}


How do I manage query objects?

Add, delete, modify, manage and run all queries through the Project tab in WeaveAnalyst.
When you open a query object you'll see the associated metadata including title, creation date, data table, script, used columns, and produced visualizations.

What information is included in the metadata tab?

The etadata includes all of the information on the data tables available to Weave. Click on a data table and you will see the editable metadata.

How do I know when my query has finished running?

When you run a query, you'll see a progress bar indicating a query's run status. Once completed, a log report shows how long the query took. You can use this information as an indication for how long similar queries will take.

What happens if I enter a query that is bad or incompatible with the data?

This information is part of the query log that gives you error management information.

Is there a signal or notification that the query has completed?

Due to the amount of data being mined, some queries can take a long time to run. When a query has completed, the Weave visualization window opens and the progress bar turns green. Once a query has been run, a log is generated which will tell you how long it took to retrieve the data. You can use this information to gauge the time needed for running similar queries.

How is WeaveAnalyst distributed?

You can download WeaveAnalyst as an add-on from Weave or you can download the bundle which includes Weave and WeaveAnalyst.

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