Screen Capture Videos-- Tools and Techniques

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Open Indicators Consortium Team Advice

UMass Lowell IVPR Team

The UMass Lowell Weave team has had good results with Camstudio:

A Grad Student with the Portland State University [Open Indicators Consortium | OIC] Partner produced this video with Jing : Portland Pulse

The free version of Jing has limited functionality and only allows outputting videos in very limited formats. Jing Pro (price $15 as of 12-8-11) exands the range of output formats and adds other features but still does not support editing.

Connecticut Team

You can see the videos we recorded with Camstudio here. These are accessible from the main CTData portal at

Our team member Courtney Larson is the onscreen talent and she says that Camstudio and Jing Pro ($15) have very similar features-- Neither has built in editing like Camtasia, but Jing Pro's limitation is that its output is NOT produced in a video format or codec that is editable with Windows Moviemaker while Camstudio's output is compatible with this editing program.

Other Expert Recommendations

Karl Fogel, Open Source guru and member of Civic Commons advises: I have used gtk-recordmydesktop with success (for example, to produce this video). This was on a Debian GNU/Linux system, though; on other platforms, your mileage may vary.

For editing, I've used Kino. I was only doing basic editing, but it seemed to work fine. Below are some very sparse notes I have on open source video editing software -- really just a list of names of things to try. I've only used a couple of these, I think Kino and Kdenlive:

  • Avidemux
  • Blender
  • Kdenlive
  • Kino (for GNU/Linux)
  • OpenMovieEditor
  • PiTiVi
  • CinelerraCV
  • OpenShot
  • see also: dvgrab, PhotoFilmStrip, RecordMyDesktop, the FFmpeg library

Charlotte-Anne Lucas of San Antonio's CI:NOW advises:

'''Screen Capture Video Software:''' Camtasia Studio has a very good rep for Screen Capture and also can be used to edit: available here. You can get a free trial, or you can pay $50 per license here.
Camtasia is now available for both PC and Mac (didn't use to be available for Macs)

I've always used SnapZPro for screen caps on my Mac and I love it. Retails for about $90. (I've never tried to edit the video inside SnapZPro.)

'''Video Editing Software:''' Windows Movie Maker is free and I am told is pretty easy to use - see it here

iMovie is part of the iLife package for Macs and is supremely easy to use, but it does cost money: $49 here.

YouTube just launched a free, online video editor that looks pretty easy (and is free ;-)

Commercial Products

Camtasia Studio is a commercial product that allows editing and customizing the videos and output.