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Laura McKieran, 05/15/2012 11:28 AM

OIC Member Web Sites incorporating Weave

Open Indicators Consortium (OIC) member installations of Weave. Please be aware that some of these are test sites that have working installations o fWeave that have not been formally relased to the general public.

If you have questions about Weave, email . Or go to www.oicweave.org to access Weave download sites and documentation.

Connecticut (New Haven, State agencies, also working to bring in Hartford)

CT Data Collaborative beta: www.ctdata.org

Census – population change by TOWN for CT – 2000-2010 – example of viz embedded in Wiki http://ctdatahaven.org/know/index.php/2010_Census_Resources )

Crime Viz – by town – http://www.ctdatahaven.org/weave.php?defaults=mapdh.xml (note that the selector box

Other CT samples of Weave use- to see combined map and scatterplot for CT unemployment with timeslider form 1980-2007- press play;

Rhode Island (Rhode Island Department of Education, Providence Plan)

RI datahub project http://www.ridatahub.org/

Arizona, State University of Arizona, Innovation and County Indicators – coming soon…

Metro Atlanta (Neighborhood Nexus Partnership)

We have several instances up on our Website at www.neighborhoodnexus.org.

The main page- http://www.neighborhoodnexus.org/content/maps- This one has all of our "instances", but the one I usually point to is the "Weave:All" instance.

Beta of Weave with some instruction:

This one is sort of the catch-all – it has all of our data in it, but isn’t really “storyboarded” in a way to allow users to jump in and use it: www.weaveatlanta.org and http://www.neighborhoodnexus.org/content/maps

Here is one that provides very basic instructions to a user – looks the same as the link above, but this is targeted at foreclosures/subprime loans (scroll down for the live link): http://www.neighborhoodnexus.org/content/weave-beta-foreclosures

And, finally, here is one for the 2010 Census (using ARC’s Superdistricts) which includes a very brief User’s Guide (in PDF) for users:


New Census site from Atlanta—“an exploration of the 2010 Census: http://www.weaveatlanta.org/weave.html?defaults=/census2010_ct.xml

Metro Boston (Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Boston Indicators Project at the Boston Foundation)

MetroBoston DataCommon

Source Code on GitHub

Metro Chicago (Chicago* Metropolitan Agency for Planning)

Columbus/Central Ohio (Community Research Partners, Metro Planning Agency – MORPC)

MORPC site with Weave http://www.morpc.org/regional_dev/region/region.asp

Newest as of 9-26-11: http://weavedataport.morpc.org/

San Antonio -- CI:NOW

Child immunization rates by zip over time: http://tinyurl.com/btq7xq3

Teen birthrate and child abuse, juvenile probation, immunizations: http://tinyurl.com/cht283v

There are a few more linked from indicators in this list: http://nowdata.cinow.info/indicators/?search_query=&domain=&selected_formats=weave