OIC Member Web Sites incorporating Weave

Open Indicators Consortium (OIC) member installations of Weave. Please be aware that some of these are test sites that have working installations of Weave that have not been formally relased to the general public.

If you have questions about Weave, email .

NEW: Utah Community Data Project

One of the newest adopters of Weave is the Utah Community Data Project http://ucdp.utah.edu/

For a good description of their use of Weave: http://ucdp.utah.edu/about-ucdp/weave/

The project is housed at the Bureau of Economic and Business Research in the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. UCDP provides data on the state’s counties, political districts, cities and towns, and neighborhoods. It is available to everyone, from everyday people to small businesses to policymakers. "Our goal is to democratize data to foster sound policy and strong communities."

Metro Atlanta (Neighborhood Nexus Partnership)

We have several instances up on our Website at www.neighborhoodnexus.org.

The main page- http://www.neighborhoodnexus.org/content/maps- This one has all of our "instances", but the one I usually point to is the "Weave:All" instance.

Beta of Weave with some instruction:

This one is sort of the catch-all – it has all of our data in it, but isn’t really “storyboarded” in a way to allow users to jump in and use it: www.weaveatlanta.org and http://www.neighborhoodnexus.org/content/maps

Here is one that provides very basic instructions to a user – looks the same as the link above, but this is targeted at foreclosures/subprime loans (scroll down for the live link): http://www.neighborhoodnexus.org/content/weave-beta-foreclosures

And, finally, here is one for the 2010 Census (using ARC’s Superdistricts) which includes a very brief User’s Guide (in PDF) for users:


New Census site from Atlanta - an exploration of the 2010 Census

Metro Boston (Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Boston Indicators Project at the Boston Foundation)

MetroBoston DataCommon

Source Code on GitHub

Metro Chicago (Chicago* Metropolitan Agency for Planning)

Columbus/Central Ohio (Community Research Partners, Metro Planning Agency – MORPC)

DATASOURCE http://www.datasourcecolumbus.org/About (posted 12-6-2013)

MORPC site with Weave http://www.morpc.org/regional_dev/region/region.asp

Newest as of 9-26-11: http://weavedataport.morpc.org/


CT Data Collaborative: www.ctdata.org

Census – population change by TOWN for CT – 2000-2010 – example of viz embedded in Wiki http://ctdatahaven.org/know/index.php/2010_Census_Resources )

Grand Rapids / Michigan

The Community Research Institute of Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI has built Community Profile 2.0 which uses Weave for the mapping functions: http://weave.cridata.org/communityprofiles/#

Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)

MARC [http://www.marc.org] is the metropolitan planning organization for the 9 county bi-state Kansas City region. MARC released their indicators site March 31, 2014 [http://indicators.sustainable-kc.org]


Portland Pulse http://portlandpulse.org/

Rhode Island (Rhode Island Department of Education, Providence Plan)

RI Datahub project http://www.ridatahub.org/
Community Profiles (not using Weave): http://profiles.provplan.org/profiles/state/rhode-island/overview/

San Antonio -- CI:NOW

Child immunization rates by zip over time: http://tinyurl.com/btq7xq3

Teen birthrate and child abuse, juvenile probation, immunizations: http://tinyurl.com/cht283v

There are a few more linked from indicators in this list: http://nowdata.cinow.info/indicators/?search_query=&domain=&selected_formats=weave

Seattle - King County

Communities Count website: http://www.communitiescount.org/index.php?page=interactive-15-demographic-breakdowns