NSF Proposal

NSF proposal
(Please send letters of support identifying which section or especially how you'd like to participate). Let Professor Georges Grinstein know how you'd like to participate in an email so we can incorporate this in the proposal.

NSF 12-538: Building Community and Capacity for data-Intensive Research in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
(see http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2012/nsf12538/nsf12538.htm)
Due May 22

1. Issues on working with data: These will allow us to overcome the problems of “data silos”
a. Develop best practices for dealing with data discrepancies and missing data
b. Develop methods to indicate uncertainty in Weave visualizations
c. Specify metadata requirements which will lead to (d) below
d. Define vocabularies for meaningful generalizable semantic categories
e. Develop methods to identify “matching keys” that would allow comparisons across silos and regions
2. Associated improvements to and expansion of Weave
3. Data Commons: to allow users to access shared large data sets
4. UDL: to allow users to search for and access data sets from across the web
5. Education/training materials

By identifying and using “matching keys”, researchers can use Weave to combine data across silos and to compare regions. Data Commons can provide large, commonly accessed data sets, already prepared for Weave, and the UDL will allow access to other datasets of interest accessible via the web. These items combined will greatly improve access to and sharing of available data.

NSF Proposal for a workshop:
Training materials and sessions for web site and analysts, not for end users (2 pager). Contact Professor Georges Grinstein if interested at .