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Andy Dufilie, 06/19/2017 02:08 PM

Membership in the Open Indicators Consortium (OIC)

(Approved by OIC Primary Members, June 2011)

The Open Indicators Consortium was founded by partners from across the United States who came together to support and guide the development of Weave and its application as a high-performance open source data analysis and visualization platform free to all. With the soft launch of Weave BETA 1.0, the software, documentation and participation in user and developer forums are available free for download, testing and bug reporting.

Formal Membership in the Open Indicators Consortium is a way to support the ongoing development and continuous improvement of Weave, to access technical support, and to assist in building a global Learning Community of Weave users and developers. Membership is available at three levels:

Learning Community Member

Learning Community Member (annual fee, sliding scale $500 for nonprofits with revenues under $300,000 to $1,000 for others. Large non-profits and corporations are encouraged to support the ongoing development of this open source resource at a higher level)

  • Access to Community of Practice webinars and forums
  • Access to Live Chat support for Weave installation
  • Access to discounted technical support
  • Conference attendance at a discounted rate
  • Participation in electing one or more Member representatives to the OIC governing body

Participating Member

Participating Member (a flexible membership category with a negotiated onetime $25,000 - $50,000 fee through June 2014)
NOTE: This level of membership is aimed at a limited number of organizations that bring specific expertise and other assets to the Consortium, and are voted on by Primary Members. Participating Members are non-voting.

  • Comprehensive Member benefits (see above)
  • Participation in the technical and development process but without voting privileges
  • Negotiated level of support for installation and operation based on need and amount of fee
  • Access to nightly builds of features under development even if not published publicly
  • Regular opportunities for participation and feedback
  • Full access to the DataCommon
  • Free participation in program portion of annual Community of Practice conference for a defined team

Primary Members

Primary Members (including Founding Members)
(new Primary Members $75,000; no additional fee through June 2014)
  • Comprehensive Member benefits (see above)
  • Deliberation and voting pursuant to bylaws of the Open Indicators Consortium adopted by current Primary Members on the direction of the Consortium and on current and future Weave development priorities
  • New Primary Members receive one year of UMass-Lowell team technical support for installation and customization (up to 375 hours)
  • All Primary Members receive a) access through June 2014 to troubleshooting and general support in the use of Weave from UML development team and peers at no additional cost and b) access at a discounted rate to contracted technical support as needed for work on projects outside the scope of Consortium priorities or other special projects
  • Access to Development Server /mirrored server hosting as testbed
  • Participation in shaping and setting priorities and policies for a DataCommon of curated publicly available national and international data sets and processes via Web Services
  • Access to nightly builds of features under development even if not published publicly
  • Free participation in annual Community of Practice conference for a defined team
  • Participation and collaboration in shared efforts to secure funding for the ongoing work of the Consortium, including code development and moderation by UML, as well as support for special initiatives by Consortium Members
  • Terms of Membership and future plans after June 2014 will be determined by the Consortium ‘s Primary Membership based on the status of the project as that date approaches.

Other Important Features of the Open Indicators Consortium and Weave Development

Open Source Download of Weave: Weave and related documentation will be available for download through github and other sources without individualized support.

All users of Weave will have access to bug reporting, bug fixes and nightly builds; to conferences or webinars for a fee, and to online newsletters. The University of Massachusetts Lowell Institute for Visualization and Perception Research (UML or UMass Lowell) development team may also make available distinct versions of Weave incorporating features under development with appropriate warnings and clear version labeling.

Code Moderation: UMass Lowell will manage code submissions and delivery of official OIC certified versions and updates of Weave through June 2014, according to development priorities voted by OIC Founding and Primary Members.

Large Contracts: The UMass Lowell development team may offer to enter into contracts to provide extensive customization support and development services assuming that such contracts enhance the mission of the Consortium by engaging relevant new sectors or domains or supporting the development of new features that can be incorporated into the base Weave package. Organizations entering into major contracts with UML in excess of $75,000 can be included as Primary Members of the Consortium by a vote of Primary Members.

To apply for Membership, email