Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just upgraded my copy of Weave and now an error is preventing me from using it.
    It's likely that either the browser is still displaying the old version of the client, or the new server code failed to deploy. Try the following:
    1. Clear your browser cache and try again. Continue to step 2 if the problem persists.
    2. Stop Tomcat.
    3. Delete the folder tomcat/webapps/WeaveServices/.
    4. Copy the Weave files into your Tomcat folders again.
    5. Restart Tomcat.
    6. Clear your browser cache and try again.
    7. If the problem still persists, please create a bug report and include a screenshot of the problem.
  • What protocol does the Weave server use?
    We avoid using XML and web services where possible. We tried web services initially, but they had too much of an overhead and XML parsing is too slow in Flash. For binary data in web services, we had to use base64 encoding which slowed it down even more. We are now using custom Java servlets that communicate using compressed binary AMF-3 encoded objects -- the most efficient option for Flash.
  • How do I manipulate Weave through JavaScript?
    Documentation is available here.
  • What do I do if I see a server error?
    1. Check the server log for more information.
    2. If the error does not appear in the server log, check your web browser's console and network logs.
    3. If you cannot resolve the issue, please create a Bug report