Development environment setup

Please use the exact versions of software linked below. Using the 32-bit versions of software is recommended because we have ran into compatibility problems with the 64-bit versions. It's possible that a 64-bit version may work for you, but we recommend using either all 32-bit or all 64-bit installations, rather than mixing the two.


The minimum required to build Weave is Flex SDK 4.5.1A and Java EE SDK.

To run the Weave server, you will need a Java Servlet Container such as Tomcat.


  1. Install Eclipse with Java EE (Helios)
  2. Install Windows Flash Builder or Mac Flash Builder.
  3. Link Flash Builder to Eclipse using the link utility provided in the installation folder (Example: "Adobe Flash Builder 4.7/utilities/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Plug-in Utility.exe").
  4. Install Flex SDK 4.5.1A by extracting the contents of the archive to a folder and setting up the SDK in Eclipse as shown in the screenshot, flex-sdks.png.
  5. Install Tomcat and define the WEAVE_DOCROOT environment variable in Eclipse. It should point to the docroot of Tomcat (For example, tomcat/webapps/ROOT/). See attached screenshot, WEAVE_DOCROOT.png.
  6. Configure your workspace for J2EE preview server. We use this setting so that the WeaveServices Java project can be compiled on all machines without relying on a specific type of server in the project settings. See attached screenshot, j2ee-preview.png. If you don't see the Server view in your eclipse install "JST Server Adapters" from "Install New Software"
  7. Install the EGit plug-in for Eclipse using the following update site: (for Eclipse Helios)
    See the attached screenshot install-egit.png, and the attached quick-start guide egit-howto.pdf.
  8. Optionally, set up the TOMCAT_HOME system environment variable so the WeaveServices.war file will be auto-deployed on build. To do this in Windows, open up the System Properties panel, advanced tab, and click Environment Variables. On a Mac, you will have to open (or create) /etc/launchd.conf as an administrator and add a line like setenv TOMCAT_HOME /usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.25.
  9. Install the Flash Player content debugger


  • To improve performance of Eclipse/Flash Builder, disable "Design Mode" by un-checking the option under the menu "Window" -> "Enable Design Mode".
  • In the Flash Builder debugger, static and constant variables are not shown by default. These can be shown using the triangle menu in the upper-right corner of the variables tab.

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