Deployment Guide

This document talks about minimum infrastructure requirements and provides basic information on how to integrate Weave on a web page.

Software requirements

The Weave platform runs as Java application on the server and as Flash application in a web browser on the client. The server application connects to a relational database management system (RDBMS) with read and write access. Other than that, Weave is technology agnostic and can be integrated with any platform or content management system (CMS) that is able to produce an HTML <object> tag.


The Weave server side application has been successfully tested with following Java Servlet Containers:

Currently Weave supports following RDBMS:


Weave runs in any modern web browser with the Adobe Flash Player plugin version 10.0 or higher installed.

Server Installation

Video Tutorials

Setting up Weave
Setting up MySQL
Setting up Java
Setting up Tomcat
Setting up Flash

Getting Started
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Geo Layering

Using the Admin Console
Import Shape files
Import CSV data
Import SQL data
Creating a Visualization Page

Basic integration

The Weave Flash object can be embedded on a web page using swfobject.js

Session State file parameter

The file parameter specifies which Weave session state to load. It can be specified either as a URL parameter or in the flashvars parameter of swfobject.embedSWF().

Example using the file URL parameter:

Example specifying the file flashvar with swfobject.js:

<script src="swfobject.js"></script>
    var swfVersionStr = "10.2.0";
    var xiSwfUrlStr = "playerProductInstall.swf";
    var flashvars = {};
    flashvars.file = "My_visualization.weave";
    var params = {};
    params.quality = "high";
    params.bgcolor = "#FFFFFF";
    params.allowscriptaccess = "sameDomain";
    params.allowfullscreen = "true";
    var attributes = {}; = "weave"; = "weave";
    attributes.align = "middle";
    swfobject.embedSWF("weave.swf", "flashContent", "100%", "100%", swfVersionStr, xiSwfUrlStr, flashvars, params, attributes);
<div id="flashContent"></div>

Weave JavaScript API

The JavaScript API enables loading and manipulating session states.

Weave Collaboration Setup

Collaboration allows multiple users to work together on visualizing and analyzing data within Weave. Instillation guide: Collaboration Install Guide