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TJ Maciak, 02/01/2012 10:39 AM

Connection through National Neighborhood Indicators Project

New NNIP Web Site:  (all partner sites are profiled)

OIC Members who are also NNIP Members (13 of 35 NNIP cities represented)

Primary Members

  • Atlanta - Neighborhood Nexus/ARC/Emory
  • Boston - MAPC/Boston Indicators Project
  • Chicago - CMAP (MCIC also using weave though not yet a member)
  • Columbus - Community Research Partners
  • Connecticut Data Collabrative - New Haven and Hartford
  • Kansas City - MARC
  • Michigan Data Collaborative - Grand Rapids / Detroit
  • Rhode Island - Providence - Providence Plan
  • Seattle - Seattle King County Public Health

Participating Member

San Antonio - CI:NOW

Learning Community Member

Portland - IPMS

NNIP National Meeting - Portland, OR - Wednesday, February 29 - Friday, March 2nd, 2012

OIC-WEAVE Pre-Meeting Wednesday Morning - Febraury 29, 2012 8:30-11:45 AM PST

Plan is to assemble Wednesday Morning by 8:30 (or start earlier if folks can) at the PSU Conference Facility for an OIC/Weave Work Session

Probable Attendees So Far (02/01/12):

  • Connecticut - Jim Farnam, Eudald Lerga
  • Portland- Percy
  • Kansas City - Manny
  • Seattle - Mike Smyser and possibly David Solet
  • Boston.MAPC- Holly St Clair / Charlotte Kahn?
  • Grand Rapids (CRI) - TJ Maciak (Gustavo & Jeremy may be in attendance as well)

Others who will likely attend the NNIP meeting but have not committed to pre-session:

  • Atlanta - Mike C.(I will not be arriving in Portland until noon - would it be helpful to send someone else?)
  • San Antonio - Laura McKieran

Suggested Format for Pre-Session

  • Each OIC Partner Site/Team presents their work for 15-20 Minutes, responding to a set of common questions, e.g.:
    • Brief overview and demo of the work
    • What innovations/neat features have you incorporated that might be of interest to others?
    • What challenges have you faced?
    • What Weave development priorities have emerged?
    • What opportunities for cross-site work in development or substantive data projects have you identified?
  • Recorder records common points and themes across sites as we go along to develop lists of innovations, challenges, Weave feature requests, and possible cross-site projects

Suggest Topics that might be addressed across the presentations (indicate your name and add your name to suggestions by others that you would like to see on the agenda):

  • Data Structures - comparing notes, impact of data cube (Jim F./CT, )
  • Sharing Data Across Sites / Data Common design (Jim F./CT, )
  • Graphic Design aspects of Weave--collaborating to improve look and options (Jim F./CT, )
  • problems solved working together with weave
  • data democratization, using data to drive change
  • creating data communities
  • building community capacity for data driven change

Oic-Weave Session During the Conference

Call with NNIP staff Wed. 2/1/2012 at 4PM EST to discuss this.

NNIP has committed to this-- is looking for detail from OIC Members as to what they will present/do

David Percy (Portland), Charlotte Kahn (Boston), & Jim Farnam (CT) have begun the discussion about a proposal for a session during the conference focusing on NNIP/OIC members' respective work to effect data democratization, community change, community capacity building, or other outcomes (and how Weave has figured into and supported this work).

We also want to convey the innovative nature of the OIC idea-- working together across sites and with UML IVPR to build powerful tools that we will constantly improve through a growing community to support our work. The focus should not be so much on the technology but on how we are using it in specific ways to support our work.

Please suggest here possible themes or approaches ot this session. We want to make a formal proposal to NNIP staff soon (by mid-December if possible)

On a special OIC call Dec 7, 2011, we discussed a session structured as a panel with 3-4 OIc members touching on aspects of the work of OIC an dits members that might be of interest to the broader NNIP membership.

Topics surfaced included:

  • problems solved working together with weave
  • data democratization, using data to drive change
  • creating data communities
  • building community capacity for data driven change
Likely presenters who have expressed a willingness to be on this panel:
  • Portland- Percey
  • RI - Jim Lucht
  • CT - Jim Farnam

Boston- Holly is on other panels so may already be on agenda elsewhere
Atlanta - I can be on the panel - we haven't gone out as much as others yet, but we did use weave in the promise neighborhood work we did.