Preliminary support for key mappings

Added by Andy Dufilie over 6 years ago

Demo: obesity-cube

This is the configuration in the Admin Console that provides the key mappings in the demo:

name keyType dataType sqlQuery
ID obesity-cube obesity-cube SELECT `ID`,`ID` FROM `datasets`.`obesity-cube`
FIPS2 obesity-cube US State FIPS Code SELECT `ID`,`FIPS2` FROM `datasets`.`obesity-cube`
State obesity-cube US State Name SELECT `ID`,`State` FROM `datasets`.`obesity-cube`
Year obesity-cube Year SELECT `ID`,`Year` FROM `datasets`.`obesity-cube`
PercentObese obesity-cube number SELECT `ID`,`PercentObese` FROM `datasets`.`obesity-cube`

The demo uses the following equation in an equation column to map the primary key (ID) of the data table to the 2-digit state FIPS code used by the geometries:
    getValueFromKey(geom, getValue(fips, QKey))
where geom is the US States geometries that have keyType US State FIPS Code, and fips is the FIPS2 column in the obesity-cube table, which contains the "foreign keys."

The map geometries are actually being drawn overlapped several times. When you probe the map, it displays the record data corresponding to the overlapping shapes.

New User Wizard

Added by Sebastin Kolman over 6 years ago

While the Admin Console is a powerful tool to add different kinds of data sets sometimes all you really want to do is upload delimited data set and visualize the data set quickly on any weave instance. This is especially useful if you want a new user to play around with Weave without having to worry about uploading data sets through an Admin Console.

Check the wiki page for more information.

Wiki : New User Wizard

The Collaboration Tool

Added by Andrew Wilkinson over 6 years ago

This tool has big plans in the future, such as allowing users to have two separate Weave instances to serve as a public and a private space, with the ability to talk between the two. We also plan to implement the ability to have multiple public spaces to make collaborating with multiple groups over different data sets possible. As of now, the collaboration can support multiple users, and perform reasonably well to allow users to do some work together, and chat through a text messaging interface.

Wiki: Collaboration Tool

New 'Pin' button on windows

Added by Andy Dufilie over 6 years ago

In version 0.8 the color legend was on top of the map, but it was fixed in place. Now we have the freedom of moving the legend anywhere as a separate interactive tool, but that means it can go behind other tools. With the addition of the pin button, we can keep the legend in front while interacting with other overlapping tools. With the pin-to-back feature, we can also create a configuration with a map visualization as the background and place all tools other on top of the map. Thanks to Krithika for implementing these features!

Wiki: Pinning windows

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