Easy way to load a new session state from JavaScript

Added by Andy Dufilie about 4 years ago

In the newest version of Weave, you can easily load a new session state from a URL in JavaScript with weave.loadFile().
You can optionally specify a callback function as the second parameter.


var weave = document.getElementById('weave');
weave.loadFile("example.weave", function(){ console.log('file has loaded'); });

New option to identify columns by metadata instead of ID

Added by Andy Dufilie about 4 years ago

WeaveDataSource now has an option (idFields) to identify columns by a set of metadata fields rather than the weaveEntityId generated by the Admin Console.

Here's an example which will use two fields to identify columns: "dataTable" and "name".
    weave.path('WeaveDataSource', 'idFields').state(['dataTable', 'name']);

The Admin Console does not generate this metadata -- this feature is intended for advanced site developers who wish to generate their own metadata for identifying Weave attribute columns.

Contact the dev group if you have questions.

ScatterPlot session state change

Added by Andy Dufilie about 4 years ago

There has been a slight change in the session state for a ScatterPlotPlotter object. Previously there was an enabledSizeBy boolean value which enabled or disabled the size-by feature. This boolean no longer exists, and the screenRadius column variable has been renamed to sizeBy. To enable the size-by feature in the new version, simply set the sizeBy column. To disable the size-by feature, remove the size-by column. We have done our best to implement backwards compatibility code for old session states, but some JavaScript code may need to be changed. If you previously wrote some JavaScript code that set the size attribute of a ScatterPlotPlotter, please make sure your code still works or update it accordingly.

Line chart grouping feature is now easier to use

Added by Andy Dufilie over 4 years ago

The advanced Line Chart option "Group records by column values" has been moved to a checkbox in the first tab of the Line Chart's control panel. There are now help components and error messages to help guide you through the process of creating a working visualization.

{{thumb(line-chart-grouping-error.png, issue=1388)}} {{thumb(line-chart-grouping.png, issue=1388)}}

Adding and using custom metadata

Added by Andy Dufilie over 4 years ago

The Admin Console allows you to add any metadata properties you want to attribute columns. We are gradually adding more ways to make use of this in Weave. One example is the Attribute Menu Tool's Label function. In this example, we added shortTitle and year properties to our attribute columns and our Attribute Menu Tool displays those properties instead of the title property. The Label function provides a column variable and the column object has a function getMetadata(). The following script concatenates the shortTitle and year metadata values of the column to use as a label: column.getMetadata("shortTitle") + " " + column.getMetadata("year")

{{thumb(example-shortTitle-metadata.png, issue=1385)}} {{thumb(example-shortTitle-usage.png, issue=1385)}}

Create a bubble chart on a map with one click

Added by Andy Dufilie over 4 years ago

The map tool's control panel now has a one-click option to create a bubble layer. If you select an existing geometry layer before clicking the "Bubble" button, it will initialize the bubble layer using that geometry. The bubble layer is actually the same layer used in the scatterplot tool, and you can now easily add it to any visualization through the Layers tab.

{{thumb(bubble-layer.png, issue=567)}}

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