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Scatterplot - Keep selected value(s) highlighted

Added by Susan Brunton over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Category:Visualization Interface
Target version:1.0
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Required by:MAPC, Boston, MA


I have a scatterplot with the 351 Massachusetts municipalities.
I'm trying to look at data for one town and using the scatter plot to compare it to the rest of the municipalities.

When the visualization is first loaded and passed the parameters to select (Example: City of Somerville and the value for the entire state) it will highlight or color the values differently so they will stay emphasized, not just when the user moves the cursor.
So when a webpage is loaded and the visualizations are setup for Somerville the user can immediately see Somerville and the state values in the scatterplot.

The user should still be able to hover over all the values in the scatter plot and even do selections/sub selections.
Only if the user picks a different municipality (I'm assuming the website wrapper will pass the parameter(s) for the selection) should change the more permanent selection that is colored/highlighted.

Additional features such as labeling the selected features would be great.



#1 Updated by Andy Dufilie over 6 years ago

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Here's example javascript code that will highlight the border of a specific record:

var path = ['ScatterPlotTool','children','visualization','layers','plot','plotter',null,'circlePlotter','lineStyle',null];

var weightPath = path.concat('weight','internalDynamicColumn',null);
weave.requestObject(weightPath, 'weave.data.AttributeColumns.EquationColumn');
weave.setSessionState(weightPath, {equation: "key.localName == '01' ? 3 : 1"});

var alphaPath = path.concat('alpha','internalDynamicColumn',null);
weave.requestObject(alphaPath, 'weave.data.AttributeColumns.EquationColumn');
weave.setSessionState(alphaPath, {equation: "key.localName == '01' ? 1 : .5"});

This is a temporary solution. I hope this will do until we have a better way. The '01' is a fips code. In this case, Alabama will be highlighted if you are viewing state data with state fips codes.

#2 Updated by Andy Dufilie over 6 years ago

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You can now set the "alwaysHighlightKeySet" variable in the session state which will keep records probed.

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