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Line chart - 4 enhancements

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Category:Visualization Interface
Target version:1.0
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Required by:MAPC, Boston, MA



1: I want to see/control the y-axis label. In the above example it lists 8.5 - 10.0 but does not note that they are percentages.

2: I want to see/control the title label below the individual values for the points in the chart.

3: I specify my data ideally in the format within the Table View of the Admin Console:

Title Year
% Subsidized Housing Inventory April 2002
% Subsidized Housing Inventory Oct 2003
% Subsidized Housing Inventory Feb 2004
% Subsidized Housing Inventory Feb 2005

Since % Subsidized Housing Inventory is repeated I want it as the main axis label and only want to see the value from the year column for the individual axis values.

4: In the example above I have large squares for each point in the chart. The first and the last square get cut off. I want to see the entire shape for each value, including top/bottom points.



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If you upgrade to the current nightly build you can specify axis label format functions in the 'General' tab of the tool control panels. You can also specify the axis titles, and the line chart clipping bug is fixed.


This function will keep only the last two words of a label (for the x axis in SHI_oct18.xml):
string.split(' ').splice(-2).join(' ')

This function will put a percent sign after a number (for the y axis in SHI_oct18.xml):
number + '%'

This isn't a full solution for every possible situation but it will allow you to do what you asked. Is this good enough for now?

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Yes, that works for now.

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