Feature #408

Feature #54: Add support for key mappings in Weave.

Create a reverse lookup for getting keys corresponding to a data value.

Added by Andy Dufilie over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:08/19/2011
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Category:Internal Code Refactoring
Target version:1.0
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We then need a function to do a reverse-lookup (put this in in EquationColumnLib.as for now):
getKeysFromValue(column:IAttributeColumn, value:Object, dataType:*):Array
which would return a list of IQualifiedKey objects.

This would need to loop over all the keys in the column and build a reverse lookup table:

// this code has not been tested
public static function getKeysFromValue(column:IAttributeColumn, value:Object, dataType:*):Array
    var reverseLookup:Dictionary = new Dictionary(true);
    for each (var qkey:IQualifiedKey in column.keys)
        var value:* = column.getValueFromKey(qkey, dataType);
        if (!reverseLookup[value])
            reverseLookup[value] = [];
    return reverseLookup[value];

The first version of this function can rebuild the lookup table every time. Once it's verified to be working, then it can be improved to cache the lookup table for each column so it doesn't have to recreate it each time. Whenever the column runs its callbacks, the cached lookup table should be cleared.

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