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multiple time sliders when have multiple maps

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We want to show one map with the geographic distribution of a level variable (e.g., population by census tract) and the other with a map of the population change. The first map would have a normal time slider for the year of the population data. The second one would have time periods instead of specific years. The two are usually related - the intervals between the years in the first slider are most often the time periods in the second slider. But because changes are typically much smaller than the levels, and because they are positive and negative rather than all positive, then both the coloring and scales need to be different in the second map. We are able to do the latter by unlinking the maps, but the time slider only works for one of them at a time. We can't set it up with two independent time sliders.

screenshot.png (18.2 KB) Andy Dufilie, 12/11/2013 05:29 PM


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You can already do this. In the control panel of the time slider you can select which tools are linked to it.

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I just added an option to stop the time slider from linking to global columns. This makes it easier to do what you want. Previously, to do what you want you would have to unlink every reference to the color column in the tools.


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