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Need user interface for placing a graphic in annotation or custom tool

Added by James Giddings over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Category:Visualization Interface
Target version:2.0
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When an annotation is used with a tool to explain some feature of the tool, often text is not sufficient, and the abilioty to display one or more graphics is needed. This can currently be done in a Custom Tool that is used as an annotation, and it is probably possible to do so in an annotation as well (but I have not discovered the method). Doing so requires editing the session state manually by putting a filename in the <panelStyleList>section of the plotManager for the tool. An example can be seen in http://demo.oicweave.org/weave.html?file=test-custom-glyph-pie_v2.weave .

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#1 Updated by Andy Dufilie over 4 years ago

An alternative solution for this particular usage would be to create a new color legend, unlink the color, and define custom bin names:


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There is now a GUI for entering an image URL in a "Single Image" layer. In CustomTool (or any tool), go to the Layers tab and click [New layer...].

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