Bug #1317

accurately handling donut holes in boundaries when probed

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Required by:MARC, Kansas City, MO


I have the city geography displaying on this map.

The geography was imported from a Shapefile. There are small cities that are completely surrounded by a Kansas City, Missouri. In other words the larger city has several donut holes in it where it annexed all the land around an existing small city or town. If I look at the map in ArcGIS the two boundaries are clearly distinct. In Weave if you click on the larger city it shows it highlights that city with the holes excluded. However, when you click on the smaller city, say Gladstone, Missouri, it says there are two records, it highlights both cities and lists Kansas City in the tooltip even though that area is supposed to be a hole in its boundaries.

According to an email from Andy, this is due to a limitation if Weave's ability to properly intersect polygons. We would like to have this limitation removed.


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