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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Complexity
1513WeaveOtherOpenNormalREST/SOAP API for Data AccessWilliam Buchanan
1512WeaveFeatureOpenNormalAdd an option to display a "Total" row at the bottom of an AdvancedTableToolAndy Dufilie
1509WeaveBugOpenNormalnatural breaks task weird behaviorAndy DufiliePhilip Kovac
1506WeaveFeatureOpenNormalDisplay custom filter titles in Dashboard modeKat Galkina
1503WeaveFeatureOpenNormalAdd support for SAS via JDBCAndy Dufilie
1502WeaveFeatureOpenNormalSupport for chinese characters in probe/labelsKat Galkina
1500Analyst WorkstationSupportOpenNormalincorporate STATA script for masking small numbersShweta Purushe
1497Analyst WorkstationOtherOpenNormalPipeline for analyzing Electronic Health Records data of the Alzheimer Disease Centers typeKat Galkina
1496WeaveFeatureOpenNormalAllow importing GeoJSON in the Admin Console.Andy Dufilie
1495WeaveFeatureOpenNormalStart using HTTPSession on the server side for loginAndy Dufilie
1494WeaveFeatureOpenNormalIn Admin Console / sqlconfig.xml, add support for "loginRequired" optionAndy Dufilie
1493WeaveFeatureOpenNormalNew data source for aggregating x,y points using geometric boundaries (Geometric Join)Andy Dufilie
1492WeaveFeatureOpenNormalNew data source for overriding data valuesAndy Dufilie
1483Analyst WorkstationFeatureOpenNormalupdating R version through interfaceShweta Purushe
1482Analyst WorkstationFeatureOpenNormalautomatic generation of script metadataShweta PurusheLow
1481WeaveFeatureOpenLowSupport for handling Encoded Polylines and LevelsPat Stickney
1480WeaveBugOpenNormalBarChart Legend - Attribute Name does not honor control panl checkboxPat StickneyMedium
1477WeaveFeatureOpenNormalAllow more prominent display of bar chart record labelNatalie Young
1476WeaveBugOpenNormalColor legend title out of boundsKat Galkina
1475WeaveBugOpenNormal1+ issues with annotation toolKat Galkina
1474Analyst WorkstationFeatureOpenNormalThe metadata tab should present default option for the user to choose from when adding new properties.Franck KamayouShweta Purushe
1473Analyst WorkstationBugOpenNormalUse Dynatree for displaying list of projects in Projects tab.Franck KamayouShweta Purushe
1472Bio-WeaveFeatureOpenNormalmoving Bio Weave panel within the Weave AnalystShweta PurusheShweta Purushe
1471Bio-WeaveFeatureOpenNormallook into running scripts or command line executions for executing jobsShweta Purushe
1470Bio-WeaveFeatureOpenNormalUi design for connecting to a clusterShweta Purushe

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